Bass trombone accessories

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Fits small bore straight The bottom part is The case is now streamlined They are lighter, smaller, and are Accommodates up to The gig bag The CP gig bag features a shoulder sling, mouthpiece storage pocket, carry The Urban Series is a sleek and subtle line of bags, ideal for the gigging musician who travels with their instrument Narrow By.

Clear All. SKB Trombone Case. The outside of the case is made of a water resistant fabric, while the inside cradles the trombone in a soft Another great Protec innovation!

The top shell is made of a sleek metallic colored ABS, the bottom part is made of a black soft-touch anti-slip The outside shell of this case utilizes modern materials, very resistant to shock and tear. John Packer Pro Trombone Case. The JP Pro lightweight trombone case is our flagship pro level case for keeping your instrument as safe as it can The Deluxe Universal gig bag fits most tenors with F-attachments and accommodates up to a 9" bell.

Lightweight protection for your pBone! Platinum Series high performance gig bags are designed for pro musicians needing extreme protection, durability, This Gold Series gig bag features a rugged ballistic nylon exterior, black powder coated hardware, roomy exterior Fusion Premium 8. The Premium 8. Fusion Premium 9. The Premium 9. Fusion Premium The Premium Fusion Urban 9. Fusion Urban Backpack - Medium. Made from 10mm 0. Follow us. Pro Winds.

Call Toll Free All Rights Reserved.Original hand engraved shires bell with beautiful patina. No lacquer The taper isn't marked but it's the tenor 1 Taper. It's more compact and narrower through throat, Reminiscent of vintage Conn instruments.

Tends to have a darker tone quality and more sound density. Great for players with naturally expansive sound or that want to get more sound forward. Selling to fund another project. Each item is in great condition and will be polished with Wright's before shipping. Thank you. There are spots and such related to the lack of finish, a small ding and the edge bracing connect has been removed. Trimming the fat.

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Some wear to the silver on the shank not shaved down, just plating wear from usebut otherwise in stellar condition. Has usual lacquer wear, around 15 years old. Thinning the herd. You know the deal.

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Apologies, no international shipping. This a shires independent axial bass. It has no problems.

Trombone Accessories: 10 Best Cool Parts and Accessories for Trombone

It includes a B11 7ym bell B tuning slide Bollinger dual bore slide 3 leadpipes One Of L. The bell is brass and 9. The trombone itself is as NIB with almost no sign of the west and handling marks of a trombone this age. The case handle needs replacing which is not surprising considering this i Podemos Negociar el Precio. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up.Skip to main content Trombone Accessories.

Hamilton Trombone Stand, Black Finish. Never had a trombone stand until a few years ago, now I have six. Keep a trombone or two on stands to encourage your child to practice. It's amazing how much more often a child will practice when they don't have to take a horn out of a case and then put it back in the case when finished. I take one to performances for long tacet passages.

Not quite sure why I waited so long to buy one, but every trombonist should have a stand. These stands are as good as any. See All Buying Options.

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Currently unavailable. It's good for the trombone. Neotech Trombone Grip ,black. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. I haven't played trombone in many years like I just started to play my bass trombone again Holton TR In re-discovering my instrument; I found that fingers grew very tired even numb in holding the weight of the bass T-bone and my practice sessions were cut short because I couldn't hold the trombone any longer.

I researched various grips and found very few grips available; even fewer that were reasonably priced. I decided to try this grip and have been very pleasantly surprised. Following the instructions; it went on relatively easily. At first; it took a few adjustments to get the placement and angle correct. But after a few tries, I've found the placement that works for me. It has allowed me to extend my practice time by allowing more of my hand and arm, rather than my last three fingers to Add to cart.

Only 10 left in stock - order soon. The ideal practice mute!The trombone belongs to the family of brass musical instruments. Trombones have unique features which is one of the reasons they are commonly used in bands and other musical performances.

Over the years, the trombone evolved to have one unique design which was universally accepted and what we have today. It can be described as a bent cylindrical musical instrument which features a mouthpiece and ends in a flared bell.

The trombone became popular in the seventeenth century when they were introduced in orchestras by notable composers. It is known for the characteristic pitch they produce during play.

bass trombone accessories

These sounds complement other musical instruments used in ensembles such as the orchestra. Trombones were popular during the classical period; however, they are now used to play songs in different music genres. The experts who play trombones are called trombonists.

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They have been able to perfect their techniques with the musical instrument by learning and understanding how the different accessories of the trombone function. To achieve the best results during play or practice, the trombonist must know how to manipulate the trombone using all the accessories in an organized sequence. This is how the famous pitch trombones are known for is created. In addition to accessories that are used while playing trombones, there are other tools with functions that help to maintain and enhance the quality of the trombone.

For example, the gig kits and cleaning accessories are used to ensure the trombone is ready for use any time the trombonist needs to perform. While learning how to play the trombone, the music teachers dedicate whole lessons to teaching students about the accessories. To a large extent, this approach signifies the importance of understanding how these parts of a trombone function.

Having a good knowledge of the accessories helps the musician to have a pleasant experience while playing the trombone. Maximizing the functions of the different accessories helps the musician get fully prepared to deliver an impressive performance. Learning about trombone accessories is not a difficult process because they have simple features.

Here are the essential accessories a trombonist should know how to use. These are important accessories trombonists always need every day.

Trombone Mute Comparisons - Top 10 Mutes for Trombone Players at Dawkes Music

The case and gig bags are used to carry the trombone and all other accessories securely during transit. The case also provides secure storage for the trombone and other equipment. They are mostly lightweight, so it is easy to carry around. Storing your trombone and accessories in the high-quality case and gig bags will also protect the musical instrument from dust.

These bags also prevent any form of corrosion because they are mostly lined with water resistant materials to keep your trombone safe from moisture. Case and gig bags ultimately help you plan and organize musical performances.

For instance, the different compartments in these carriers for musical instruments make it possible to store multiple trombone accessories in the case and gig bags securely.

Custom Series Bass Trombones

There are suitable compartments of different sizes that can be used to store your mouthpiece, the valves, cleaning materials, and other accessories.The clear, colorful sound of S. Shires bass trombones has made them a favorite of top players the world over. Available in several standard model configurations, with many custom options available, S.

Shires bass trombones can be tailored to fit any musical setting. A versatile instrument with a clear, pure sound and the consistency, playability, and projection that has made S. Shires trombones the favorites of professionals the world over. The resulting instrument is genuinely unique and includes several specific design elements not found on any other S.

Shires trombone. A warm and broad sound with quick and easy response, this model represents an ideal realization of the heroic New York low brass sound. Played by Brian Hecht of the Atlanta Symphony, this instrument features a beautiful "Lone Star" engraving and is perfectly suited to orchestral and solo playing alike. Shires trombones are available with a variety of options for bells, leadpipes, and tuning slides.

The models listed above feature our most popular combinations.

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For more information about customizing a trombone and Custom Series pricing, please contact a trombone specialist by phone at Our Trombones.

Q Series. Artist Models. Small Bore. Large Bore. Trombone Options. Trombone Accessories. Our Trumpets. Trumpet Accessories. Trumpet Artists. Trombone Artists. Euphonium Artists. Shires Co. Our Team. Register Your Instrument. Book an Appointment. Bass Trombones Tailored to your musical desires.Your trombone deserves the best. Showing 40 of products.

Trombone Accessories. Read more Your trombone deserves the best. You even get a free two-year warranty whenever you buy a new trombone accessory. Read less. Sort by.

Accessory Type. Price Range. Special Offers. View all filters. Available for order. Fast Action and Long Lasting. Alcohol Based Disinfectant. Can be used with all lower brass instruments.

bass trombone accessories

Medium Cup and Bore Size. Bach Trombone Lyre. Suitable for a Wide Range of Trombones. Trombone Care Kit by Alfred. Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Base. Stainless Steel Construction.

Waterproof Nylon Exterior for Lasting Durability.

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Suitable for Most Tenor Trombones. Highly Accurate Intonation. High Quality Hard Foam Body. Slim and lightweight design. Denis Wick Trombone Mouthpiece. Deep Cup For Full Tone. Lightweight Shock Absorbing Frame. Made Using High-Density Polyurethane. View more products.Fits 9, 9. Extreme lightweight at 6. Offering excellent protection, the case is perfect for daily use. This bass case will fit in most overhead airplane bins.

It can also be gate-checked never check your instrument at curbside or the ticketing counter. The walls of the case are constructed of one-inch thick semi-rigid multi-layered foam panels covered by thick nylon fabric.

The bell section rests in a main compartment away from all other pieces. An open design allows horns with any type of single or double valve or wraps to fit nicely.

An additional padded piece, secured by velcro, keeps the bell held snugly when travelling Use it for two tenors, two basses up to 9. It will also work to carry an alto in place of one of the horns. The overall design is a a large semi-flexible cylindrical main section, b a five sided plywood box slide carrier and c an accessory pocket. All of this is finished in Cordura nylon with rubberized panels at stress points.

Trombone Accessories

The bell f The handmade Marcus Bonna trombone case consists of a fiberglass shell with a durable nylon replaceable cover. This is one of the most protective double cases on the market and is use by many of the world's top professionals. With this design, your tenor and bass trombone are stored with the The bell flare, when detached from the rest of the bell section, is stored in the bottom of the case.

This makes it possible to have a flat case with no flare at one end, that is also slightly shorter than a typical trombone case. Owing to its shape and size, it might even pass fo It is actually two cases combined into one. A compact bell case stores the bell with flare detached, along with all your mouthpieces and small accessories.

A rigid slide carrier stores your slide and one or two additional leadpipes.

bass trombone accessories

The two parts are joined with a wrap-around zipper that easily connects or detaches the two. The bell section's case is so compact that it l The case is a standard length with an extremely compact, contoured design.

This is one of the most protective cases on the market and is use by many of the world's top professionals. It is the most compact bass trombone case designs we've seen, fully three inches narrower at the bell flare than anything else. The case is a standard length with a compact, contoured design.

Designed to fit large bell horns, this case is only slightly larger than the MBBT our and will still fit in many airline overhead compartment. Features include: Slender torpedo shape with gradual be An inexpensive basic bag that carries the slide in a protected pocket on the exterior of the bag. Constructed of padded black nylon.

A standard adjustable shoulder strap allows for easy carrying. Comes with attached backpack straps that can be stowed when not needed. The iPac features an open floorplan and modular padded fit-blocks that can be endlessly reconfigured to accommodate your instrument.